reel comedy fest

Congratulations to our reel comedy fest 2021 NOMINEES!!

Check Back After The Festival to see the winners!

best film nominees


The Take Out Move

Win A Trip To Browntown

best Director Nominees

Christopher Donohue - The Legend Of Long Ball Larry and Short Dick Darryl

Remy Archer - Snake Oil

Rich Devaney - #richieneedsawife

best actress Nominees

Kendra McDermott - Win A Trip To Browntown

Ruth Kaufmann - Open House

Gina Scarda - Mid-Life Conversations 

best Actor Nominees

Jeremy Sless - THe Take Out Move

Nick Grace - The Take Out Move

Will Noonan - Derek Disney

best scrEenplay Nominees

Jayson Martin - Derek Disney

Chris Quick - Autumn Never Dies

Rich Devaney - #richieneedsawife

best cinematography Nominees

Snake Oil

Guy Staley - Win A Trip To Browntown

Jay Sheldon - Kid Partner

best editing Nominees

James Button - Road Rage

Andrew Simonian - The Take Out Move

Snake Oil

best score Nominees

Troy Sugrue - Open House

David Arkins - The Legend of Long Ball Larry and Short Dick Darryl

Simon Hanes - Clamps