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The Maroon Bomber

Four siblings walk down memory lane with the family’s old, beat-up Ford truck. Their love is tested when the truck acquires a new, controversial, accessory. Will they still love their old friend?





Autumn Never Dies

Danny is an ostrich living in Glasgow with his roommate, a monkey named Nelson. After a failed suicide attempt over the break up with his girlfriend, Danny seeks counseling to help him recover from his ordeal and get his life back on track. After meeting Lizzie during a pub quiz, friendship quickly turns into romance but when Danny’s former lover reaches out to him again, he finds his new relationship under threat. With his life at a crossroads, Danny reaches out to his psychiatrist for advice that would eventually help him decide whether to open past wounds or plan a new future with Lizzie.



History Of The US With Professor Norman

Professor Norman's first History of the U.S. lecture that he must teach completely online.






Squirrel Guy 

Beauford O’Shaughnessy, Central Park Squirrel Regulator, takes us through a day on the job.



First is about those awkward moments a couple endures right before they have their first sexual encounter with each other.






Ancient Chinese Secret

A real sick jerk opens a crazy sounding fortune cookie. He begins believing in the cookie. He continues on a warped path looking for new life perks.






One woman draws concern from her coworkers over her family life.







A town is terrorized by killer clamps. It's up to the chief of police, a scientist and the girl next door to stop this nightmare.






No Contact Love

No Contact Love is about an online dating app specifically designed for shelter in place dating.






The Legend of Long Ball Larry & Short Dick Darryl

Long Ball Larry and Short Dick Darryl are the two buckinest cuckinest cowboys in the whole routin’ tootin’ west. Together, Larry with his 30ft nut sack that he uses to lasso up the bad guys and Darryl with his two inch chode, have to capture the villainous Dick Chopman, wanted for cutting the dicks off of every man in El Paso.






When Margaret and Danny decide it’s time to get their 45-year-old son married and out of their house, they turn to online dating.






Reckless Enlightenment


Reckless Enlightenment, formerly “Choke On That”, was rebranded in light of the various uprisings of 2020 and to also better reflect our satirical take on the current social climate yet attempts to unify through laughter. Reckless Enlightenment is an uncensored, uncut, and edgy sketch comedy series that is much more than just a culmination of random sketches. The series details the lives of an unorthodox film crew in a “30 Rock" style parody.

Among the colorful characters are Jay Davis, a foul mouth, asshole, who is the writer, producer, and star of the show; Donte Diesel, the stressed out, under-appreciated, volatile, co-producer/director/cinematographer; Black Jack Johnson, an insubordinate, unpredictable stuntman. Jennifer Lenius, the manic depressive, hot-head headed, violent actress and Jato, the semi-competent, socially awkward actor. See what happens when Jay tries to bring his thought-provoking and brilliantly funny ideas to life on a shoestring budget, and with a dysfunctional, yet talented, Chicago based cast & crew.

Zoom Legend

Overly dramatized short mock documentary about a zoom comedian and his legend.




The Human Taxidermy

Emma Cohen (Arielle Hope) copes with the untimely death of her boyfriend Kevin (Sean Coffman).






Come Un Uovo Nel Radiatore

The story of how an omelette is made. Valentino, an aspiring actor, can't wait to leave with his girlfriend Anna for their first trip together. Unfortunately, the car they are about to hit the road with belongs to her father, Carlo, a slightly gruff sixty-year-old man with a great passion for motors and whom Valentino has not yet met. The boy cannot escape it, he must meet him before taking away his precious car and his more precious daughter. The only problem: he will have to “pass an exam” on his motors’ skills, a subject completely unknown to him. But Valentino, as a good actor, knows how to play a part. Proving his talent, and thanks to Anna's providential complicity, the young man finds the right words to duel with Carlo. But things never go as planned.


Ruth & Nick - A Confectionery Tale

This stop-motion animated short tells the bittersweet story of Nick, a piece of candy who falls in love with a girl who seems out of reach. This film was made by 15-year-old Carter Rostron of Kansas City, using cardboard, construction paper, and a bunch of candy.










Kid Partner





Love Your Oven

Music video about oven.




Romantic Rain Scene

How rom coms would happen in real life.



Mid Life Conversations

When a wife realizes her husband is living out his dream as a stand up comic, she feels that she has lost her purpose.


The Laughtrax

Samantha and Rico have felt compelled to give back to the world, but just didn't know how... until now. A low-budget documentary film crew is breaking down how these two love birds have changed Hollywood blockbuster hits for the better. "We're doing our part by lifting the spirits of America one movie at a time."- Rico & Sam






Deadman or (The Sudden Concern For A Eulogy)

A man in the middle of a heart attack realizes he might need to do a few things before he goes.







The Man On The Phone

During a day in lockdown, a suspicious man on the phone stands outside Craig & Karls house.

Crime City

A GRINDHOUSE fake trailer that's actually the film itself- a city with no rule, order or sense runs rampant with chaos and insanity and a corrupt mayor influences an underground operation to ramp up crime while pumping slime through the waterways.




INSECURITY is a buddy cop Hip-Hop comedy. Nate and Jake are the "other guys" of campus security. These lowly security guards are grossly underpaid, bullied by students, and antagonized by the campus police officers.
When Nate and Jake finally get the chance to be the cops they’ve always dreamed of, it doesn’t necessarily go as planned... Or does it? Most of us are insecure, some of us are INSECURITY.





Hers... His... and the Dog's

Stacey and Michael have differing perspectives on an argument they had. There are three sides to the story, hers, his and the dog Sadie, who knows what really happened.






Derek Disney

Walt Disney's son has some interesting ideas.







A Night Of Riddles Comedy

The Riddles Comedy Club is the last standing comedy club on the South Side of Chicago that serve a special place for African American comedians to cultivate their craft. "A Night of Riddles Comedy" explores the history and talented comedians who are working together to continue the legacy of this hidden gem.



Open House

An open house turns deadly when a real estate agent’s showing is disrupted by a killer.







Rain Bloke and Susan

Keith thinks he can predict when it's going to rain, with the help of his stick, Susan.




Snitches Get Stitches

A group of singing, child-friendly puppets are graduated from learning letters and numbers and moved to an inner-city high school where they learn that being soft has never been so hard.






The Plant

The Plant is based on Plant life, here in Detroit we have the Big 3 and like any other long-term job you become FAMILY, ENEMIES, LOVERS, FRIENDS and that brings DRAMA, HEARTACHES, LOVE & PAIN but most of all GOOD TIMES, MEMORIES AND LAUGHTER...Welcome to The Plant.



First Contact

A team of experts argue over what to do after humanity receives a message from aliens. It doesn't go well.






Scott - No Relation

College students attempt to perform stand up on campus during the pandemic.





A Guide To Gunfighters Of The Wild West

One of 12 Westerns made in 12 months during 2020, the film tells the story of Tate Butler, a man who accidentally earns a reputation as a gunfighter and must face various gunfighters trying to make a name for themselves by challenging him, while trying to escape this wild life for the girl he loves.






Daytrip Massacre

In the late 1970's a group of young adults go camping near the old abandoned Freak Show Camp. Legend has it, the bearded lady's son, a half-fish-half-child monster called "Fishboy" still roams the woods slaying anyone in his stream. Will they make out? Probably. Will they make it out? Probably not.






On one boring evening in Tallahassee Florida, three college students feel a rumble like no other.


The Take Out Move

When a shadowy figure instructs two different men to take out the same woman, they both end up at her home at the same time and must fight each other through absurd situations to be the one to complete the assignment.







Snake Oil

A wily street vendor flees London in search of the American dream promised by his late father, but he can’t find it anywhere. A whimsical no-dialogue adventure spanning 2 continents, greatly inspired by the films of Buster Keaton.






Everybody Has Porn At Home

Everyone has secrets that can't be told.








Frank's important job interview on Zoom goes south due to his "stay at home" Covid precautious family using up his bandwidth.








A young boy suffers a panic attack when asking out a girl he has a crush on.





While left home alone, three wannabe party rebels set out on a mission to get into the liquor cabinet--as it’s all fun and games until someone needs a doctor.







Win A Trip To Browntown!

Frank Tsigas is a middle-aged family man and struggling novelist who can only see his life's shortcomings. On their 21st anniversary, his soft-spoken wife Laura surprises him with an offer: if he can lose 50 pounds in three months, she will give him a "unique" sexual adventure. As he struggles to lose the weight, Frank learns that the paths chosen in life's journey are more important than its final destination.






Road Rage!

Grumpy Welshman Derw Derw is late for an interview so the last thing he needs is to get sucked into a vortex.








Cat Scratch Fever

The video features Houdini, Ross and Andrew M Volpe's adopted tan and white feline, in a black hoodie, who aspires to become the “Sultan of Scratch” in the cat community, by practicing on small turntables while "DJ" Ross is fast asleep. The ruckus wakes him however, and he implores the cat to “please stop scratching” so he can go back to bed. Andrew’s clever camera angles from above and below make Houdini’s DJ histrionics come alive on screen. The film ends with the text PSA message that “The coolest cats need a place to scratch. Adopt a pet today.”





Mitch and Mack

Frasier meets PeeWee's sexy playhouse for a short TV pilot.
























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